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Training returns at the heart of European and worldwide debate, today that the economic crisis tends to take avalanche size. Even in these but unprecedented devastating for all us circumstances, there is no other choice but to invest in our education and training, as a lever for development and uplifting of our society. TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY (Hellas), an affiliated company of TÜV AUSTRIA GROUP that deals with providing specialized educational programs through its subdiaries in Greece, Albania, Turkey, Israel, Yemen and Qatar, aims to provide useful and immediately applicable knowledge to all participants, encouraging them to apply them, so that “business” gets into a new track of growth and development.

Through new tools for assimilation of knowledge -since we know how small is the percentage left to trainees, after a bombardment of knowledge in a short time - knowledge transfer techniques in practice, such as participation in actual inspections - audits, and events dedicated to education, we hope that we will also contribute even slightly in creating a new culture, a method of continuity and consistency, what we call “lifelong learning education“.

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TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY’s new training center is a modern space designed to offer high level training / vocational training services, conferences and workshops organization, etc. It is located in Agia Paraskevi (Address: Mesogion 429, 153 43 - Athens) and provides classrooms that can meet complex training and conference needs. Featuring extra, parking and all areas’ access for Disabled People.

The training of enterprises‘ and organizations‘ staff in our days, acquires special attention due to the rapid changes underway in the technological and economic fields. The depreciation of knowledge combined with the slow refresh rate of the drain, have a direct impact on the labor market, as much as on society‘s productive sector and its development. Continuous education and training of businesses‘ and organizations‘ staff, is necessary in order to deal rapidly and effectively with the challenges of our time in working life.

TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY is investing this year in redefining the educational process, introducing the "smart class”, a result of its successful investment to the most innovative ideas, using the most of innovations in technology and learning methodologies available, offering high quality "live training" outside the narrow borders of a conventional classroom.

All TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY’s new training center classrooms, are equipped with the appropriate means, so as for any conventional educational program, to be able to simultaneously take place in many different places.

Therefore when you can’t come to us, we come to you, wherever you are.

TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY specializes in designing in-house training programs, tailored to client needs, always based on experiential methods that our tutors use, so as to provoke trainees‘ experiential participatory experiences in order for them to adopt another mode of thought, action and behavior.

Whilst we do run a big number of public training courses for individuals, most of our work involves spending time with specific companies developing and delivering training programs that are tailored to address the clients’ particular need. This is the type of work that really gets us excited, if we’re honest. We really get to work closely with people and systems and see the direct fruits of our endeavors unfolding before our eyes while we’re there.

We have many clients who have decided that they want TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY and not someone else, even cheaper local providers.

If you have looked at what we have to offer, you like what we stand for, wherever you are in the world, if you really want TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY, we really want to help you, so let’s talk.

There are several types of Certificates depending on each training program. Practically they are divided into 3 main categories:

  • Management System Auditor/Lead Auditor Certificates Management
  • System Internal Auditor Certificates Renewable Energy Sources and
  • Technical Safety Certificates – Attestations

They may also have different certifications such as IRCA, IEMA, ISEB, APMG, BCI, ITIL, TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY and are issued in several languages (English, Arabic, Greek). There is a possibility of issuing them in extra languages , upon demand. Many of our courses besides the above mentioned recognitions and certifications, also provide the participants with continuous professional education credits (CPE‘s), awarded by internationally recognized organizations (e.g. ISACA on IT and information security)

Who we are

Meet our instructors

Agapitou Maria

Mining and Metallurgical Engineer

Ageloudis Haralabos

Chemist BSc and Food Technologist MSc

Charalambidou Sousanna

Agriculturist – Food Scientist

Chatziastrou Christos

Chatzopoulou Argyro

MSc in Physics of Materials and MSc in Informatics

Christos Nomikos


Ioannis Giannakakis

Αttorney at the Supreme Court

Kamproudi Eleni

Kavvadias Nikolaos

Diploma in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Loumpaki Eleftheria

Nichorlis Christos

Dipl. Mechanical Engineer

Papandreadis Nektarios

Chemical Engineer

Stavropolou Elena

Food Science

Tsolidou Victoria

Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt

Vardalachou Iakovina

Physics Master of Science in Electronics and Radio Electrical Sy

Ximerakis Fanourios

Electrical Engineer

Zampos George

Mineral Resources Engineer

Zouridis George

Dipl. Electrical Engineer

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